EI-HE800 Ⅱ Portable Explosives & Narcotics Detector

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EI-HE800 Portable Explosive Detector

Product Brief: 

EI-HE800 Portable Explosives & Narcotics Detector is a trace Explosives & Narcotics detection device based on the principle of ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS) detection. It has the function of quickly and accurately detecting trace explosives drugs. The product performance reaches the international advanced level of similar products, with the advantages of easy to use, low cost of consumables and convenient maintenance. This product has obtained several national invention patents, and obtained a qualified test report from the National Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the National Security and Alarm System. It has been widely used in airports, railway stations, customs, border defense, public security, national defense, anti-smuggling, fire control, military and other departments.


High sensitivity, can detect ng ~ pg level. 

Fast analysis speed, measured in 2 ~ 10 seconds.

Three levels of sensitivity are optional, with hot start and standby functions.

External high-efficiency sampler, wide sampling area, high efficiency. 

Environment adaptability, can be used normally in plateau area.

Technical specifications:

Adopt technologyIon mobility spectrometry(IMS)
Detectable sample typesExplosive : TNT (TNT), DNT (DNT), Hessian Jin (RDX), Tai'an (PETN), Nitroglycerin (NG), Black Gunpowder (BP), Tetrayl (TETRYL), Octogen (HMX ), Ammonium nitrate (AN), etc., and new samples can be added at any time as needed
Narcotics: Cocaine (COC), heroin (HER), methamphetamine (MET), ecstasy (MDMA), ketamine (KET), morphine (MOP), ecstasy (LSD), dulentine, ephedrine and other drugs, and new samples can be added at any time as needed
And can add new samples as needed
Sensitivityng ~ pg grade
Analysis time2 ~ 10 seconds
Preheat time≤20 minutes
Sampling methodDirect wipe sampling or non-contact suction sampling
Alarm formAudible and visual alarms, or choose hidden alarms that do not cause panic
Display methodColor LCD touch screen
Power supplyAC 110/220V,50/60HZ;DC 22.2V
Battery parametersTwo: 22.2V lithium ion rechargeable batteries
communication method RJ45、USB
Data storageAt least 240,000 data
Dimensions440×140×150mm (Length × width × height)
Weight≤3.8kg (With battery)
working environmentWorking temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃; working humidity: ≤ 95%

Application field:

Security inspection of transportation departments: airports, railway stations, bus stations, subway stations, highway checkpoints, ports, etc.

Detection of contraband products: prisons, detention centers, customs, border defense, courts, post offices, inspection and quarantine, express delivery companies, etc.

Large events, security of important people and buildings. 

Law Enforcement Department: The Public Security Bureau enforces the law and the Judicial Bureau collects evidence.

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