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Tripod Turnstile RS 718-1
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Jual Tripod Turnstile RS 718-1

Spesifikasi Tripod Turnstile RS 718-1

Tripod Turnstile RS 718-1

Tripod Turnstile RS 718-1 provides an enhanced automatic management to airports, stations,offices, reception areas in corporate, governmental and finacial offices, museums of passenger terminals...etc,where there is high-volume pedestrian access and high security control is required.


- Model                RS 718-1

- Brand                 RS Security

- Size/Stick length         1200*280*980(mm)/free of case 510(mm)

- Arm length             500mm(norm)

- Material                SUS304  thickness(1.5mm)

- Input Voltage            AC110-220±10%,50HZ60HZ

- Driving motor            24V

- Failure-free operation        5 million/time

- Weight                  45kg

- Traffic speed              35 persons/min

- Flap Opening/Closing Time     0.2s

- Channel width              ≤600mm

- Operating temperature         -30℃—+70℃

- Communication interface       RS485/TCP/IP

- Working environment         indoor and outdoor

Tripod Turnstile

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