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Tripod Turnstile RS 318
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Jual Tripod Turnstile RS 318

Spesifikasi Tripod Turnstile RS 318

ripod Turnstile RS 318 provides an enhanced automatic management to airports, stations,offices, reception areas in corporate, governmental and finacial offices, museums of passenger terminals...etc,where there is high-volume pedestrian access and high security control is required.


- Model                RS 318

- Brand                 RS Security

- Size/Stick length         1200*280*980(mm)/free of case 510(mm)

- Arm length             500mm(norm)

- Material                SUS304  thickness(1.5mm)

- Input Voltage            AC110-220±10%,50HZ60HZ

- Driving motor            24V

- Failure-free operation        5 million/time

- Weight                  45kg

- Traffic speed              35 persons/min

- Flap Opening/Closing Time     0.2s

- Channel width              ≤600mm

- Operating temperature         -30℃—+70℃

- Communication interface       RS485/TCP/IP

- Working environment         indoor and outdoor

Tripod Turnstile

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