Rs 716-11.A Swing Turnstile Model

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16 Mar 2023
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1 2 line (2 sinle +1 double))
RS Gate

Spesifikasi Rs 716-11.A Swing Turnstile Model

Servo Motor Swing Doors Description

The clever Servo Motor
Glass Door is one of the serial merchandise of intelligent passage
management sequence from Our Firm. It possesses superiority incomparable
with the traditional management model. Whether on the control right of
passenger for passing or on tolling, attendant or counting of the
passenger, there will be a substantial amount of manpower and material,
quite a lot of spending, a considerable amount of work and a really low
effectivity resulted with the normal administration mode. Nevertheless,
it is the robust merit point of the clever passage administration
product to unravel the issues of this type. It's the scientific
crystallization of the extreme improvement of social civilization and
it opens a new era for scientific management.

Servo Motor Glass Barrier Essential Options

1) A compact electro-mechanical design with a distinctive drive and a self-lock mechanism

2) Automatic detection for malfunctions

3) Input interface available for dry contact and swap sign connection

4) Adjustable auto-delay closing

5) Infrared photocells for safety entry

6) Alarm for unauthorized entry and no entry against passenger How

7) Auto-closing when power on

8) Free entry when power off

9) Adjustable access directions

10) Emergency interface obtainable

Servo Motor Swing Turnstile Production Course of

define of the product(Servo Motor Slim Barriers) is fashioned after
urgent the stainless steel plate. The form is featured as a delightful
look, an excellent trying, stainless and durable. The system is supplied
with a typical electric interface and is definitely built-in into the
product with learn/write services. A particular control system is
supplied within the product to fulfill the requirement of fireplace
control, in order that the sleek passage circulation is ensured,
realizing a timely diverting of passengers. The product is featured as
secure in performance, safe and reliable, and can be utilized
extensively within the places the place passenger movement is nice and
monitoring is required comparable to stations, harbors and visitor home.

Swing Barrier
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